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[This is an independent rp blog for Agent Washington from Red vs Blue.

I play Wash in all canon points. I like to say that primarily, I play him post-Epsilon, between seasons 6-8, but this is kind of a lie. Most of my posts are Project-Era or Blue Team.
Feel free to send asks or request an rp anytime; I do crossovers, so any fandom is welcome!

This blog will on occasion contain nsfw material. It will be tagged and put under a read more.]

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alifespentchasingghosts asked : "Washington, this is the best piece of advice I can give you. Don't pay full price for things you want. Visit groupondotcom for amazing coupons and deals. I am totally not getting paid by groupon for this." -Hides pocket full of money.-

“…That sounds more like an advertisement than any sort of advice.”


“But, uh… Thanks? I mean, if it actually helps save money…”

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 #alifespentchasingghosts  #asks  #unwanted advice meme  #((oh my god I love you  #hello let me throw affection at you already but I laughed so ahrd reading this skdjfhs))
  1. alifespentchasingghosts said: "I have more advice for you, totally not in the form of advertisements or anything….>.>"
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